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Featured Expert : Labor

Fiorito is the department chair and the Bank of America professor of management. His research interests include labor and industrial relations with an emphasis on attitudes toward unions and employers, unions as organizations and human resource policies. Some of Fiorito’s recent work includes “The State of the Unions in the United States” and “Change to Win: Can Structural Reform Revitalize the American Labor Movement?”

”The past 40 years have been hard on workers and their families. Real wages have stagnated, and many benefits have been reduced. Workers’ organizations have been decimated, now counting only about 11 percent of workers as union members. Many workers have lost confidence in worker organizations such as unions, and in collective action to address their concerns.

“Despite the setbacks and hostility toward workers’ own organizations — unions, most Americans continue to approve of them. This suggests that despite the attacks and the weakened state of labor, Americans recognize that unions work not only for their members but for all working Americans and for a more just society.”